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Mindful Speech, Mindful Listening, Mindful Conversation


This is shared from a lovely teaching by Andrew Weiss, author of Beginning Mindfulness:  Learning the Way of Awareness

Mindful Speech:  The first step, as always, is to become aware of your breathing and of what feelings or thoughts are passing through you.  This can be an instantaneous process of recognition, and just by doing that you may already calm down and the urge to speak mindlessly may pass.  Once you have encountered the reality of how you are feeling and thinking, then you can express yourself honestly and clearly…  Share the best of yourself through your words–your joy, your love, your anguish.  Try to avoid sharing the worst of yourself–your blaming, criticizing, and judgmental words.  Try to use your words to support rather than to tear down.

Deep Listening:  means listening with our entire being, not just our ears or even just our ears and our intellect…  Listen calmly and let the other person speak without interruption. Let the other person know you are truly interested in what she has to say by asking questions instead of offering suggestions.  Listen with the full depth of your mindfulness.  Much of what the other person is trying to communicate to you might be in what is left unsaid.  Listen to what is inside and underneath the words.  Keep yourself as open and accepting as possible.

Mindful conversation is a practice we can use many times each day.  Every time you talk with someone at work, employ mindful conversation.  Listen closely and without judgment, speak clearly, acknowledge the other person, and be honest and truthful.

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