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Mindful Eating


While we eat, we can try to pay attention to just two things:  the food that we’re eating and our friends who are sitting around us and eating with us.  This is called mindfulness of food and mindfulness of community.  Eating mindfully, we become aware of all the work and energy that has gone into bringing the food to us.  If we are eating with others, we can notice how wonderful it is that during this sometimes hectic life we can find the time to sit together in a relaxed way like this to enjoy a meal.


With just a little bit of mindfulness, you can truly see where your bread comes from.  Bread comes from the wheat fields, from hard work, and from the baker, the supplier, and the seller.  But the bread is more than that.  The wheat field needs clouds and sunshine.  So in this slice of bread there is sunshine, there is cloud, there is the labor of the farmer, the joy of having flour, and the skill of the baker and then–miraculously!–there is the bread.  The whole cosmos has come together so that this piece of bread can be in your hand.  You don’t need to do a lot of hard work to get this insight.  You only need to stop letting your mind carry you away with worrying, thinking, and planning.

~How To Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh

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